I am a Bulk Trader or Shipper

I am a Bulk Trader or Shipper

SGTraDex can help you better track, coordinate and plan ahead with your supply chain partners

So much about doing business is about coordinating between the right partners and having reliable information to plan ahead. In today’s globalised supply chain environment, shippers need to obtain data from multiple sources across different countries, in order to track how raw materials get moved and transformed into finished products which then get sold and delivered to end-customers.

Layers of middlemen mean numerous counterparties are involved. Keeping track of operations from end to end is currently an expensive endeavour fraught with operational uncertainties.

SGTraDex: Gateway to Digital Trade

With SGTraDex, shippers are now able to share and obtain key milestones data from their supply chain partners. Having reliable and real-time data enables shippers to track the movement of shipments for timely interventions in the event of delays, to work with ecosystem partners to improve supply chain planning and to analyse and predict situations to eliminate resource wastages and operational disruptions.

SGTraDex: Gateway to Digital Trade

Here are four common categories of shippers. Which category do you belong to?

Commodity Trading

14% of food produced globally is lost through the supply chain before reaching the retail stage. Meanwhile, there is a global economic call to pivot to newer and cleaner sources of energy such as natural gas. As such, there will be a continued need to have a robust tracking and tracing mechanism in place to keep up with this change. As environmental, social and corporate governance standards get stricter over time, consumers will want and need to know how goods and commodities are procured and traded. Reduction of wastages and quality loss can be prevented with better visibility on where the current gaps in the supply chain are.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Digitalisation has changed the way businesses and consumers buy and sell, and it will now change the way orders are fulfilled. E-commerce has created options for customers to be more discerning, where many businesses are now adopting direct-to-consumer or omni-channel strategies.

Instead of being overwhelmed by the large amount of manual coordination to manage your products across multiple channels, let digital trade solutions streamline data management and coordination efforts for your business.

Small and Medium Enterprises

The continued challenges for SMEs to access trade-related services inadvertently limit the growth potential of SMEs looking to export and grow their market outreach. This leads to lost opportunities for businesses and countries where SMEs are crucial providers of jobs and economic growth. SGTraDex, offering a neutral digitalisation gateway for all parties across the supply chain ecosystem, will enable SMEs to benefit through accessibility of data and information flow. Given the better visibility of end-to-end supply chain transactions and activities, service providers will have greater assurance supporting SMEs in achieving their business aspirations.


The recent pandemic has put a strain on just-in-time production. Perfectly-timed movement of raw materials and finished goods remains a modern gold standard for the supply chain ecosystem. However, reality has shown that there needs to be better capability to track and manage supply chain disruptions. SGTraDex, builds upon a neutral, trusted and secure data sharing model, enables timely accessibility of data to supply chain partners. The ecosystem-level data sharing helps companies spot critical issues for their own businesses and allows for the emergence of potential solutions to solve them.

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