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SGTraDex, which stands for Singapore Trade Data Exchange, is a digital infrastructure that facilitates trusted and secure sharing of data between supply chain ecosystem partners.

Globally, there is a macro shift in trade flows and supply chains both physically and digitally. There have been momentous inefficiencies in events, documentation and financial information flows across the supply chain.

SGTraDex, created as a result of the Singapore Together Alliance for Action (AfA) on Supply Chain Digitalisation, aims to streamline information flows across a fragmented global supply chain ecosystem through a common data highway.

With this digital transformation, companies will gain the momentum to build a stronger and robust supply chain ecosystem for international trade flows. New efficiencies and opportunities will be unlocked through this collaboration where ecosystem partners come together to achieve a shared visibility of the end-to-end supply chain.

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I'm a Bulk Shipper or Trader

I'm a Bulk Shipper or Trader

I run a business that requires the movement of goods, such as commodities or finished products.

I'm a Logistics Operator

I'm a Logistics Operator

I don't own the goods but I store, audit and move goods for other businesses.

I'm a Financial Institution

I'm a Financial Institution

I provide credit, insurance and other financing services to various parties in the supply chain ecosystem.

I'm a Non-Trading Organisation

I'm a Non-Trading Organisation

I represent a regulator, a business association or other interested parties in the supply chain ecosystem.

SGTraDex Use Cases

How do I get started?

SGTraDex focuses on addressing the supply chain ecosystem pain points through the development and adoption of use cases, leveraging the strong public-private partnership of the Alliance for Action model.

We welcome all interested parties to join us as development partners to drive new use cases or as participants through the adoption of existing use cases.

Learn more about our initiative and get connected through our LinkedIn page for the latest updates.

How do i get started?

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